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Movie Memes!!!


By Doreace Walls:

The just of my post will cover movie memes, I will talk about some memes in general, and how they can be entertaining, and knowledgeable to the public. I will also try and cover some different aspects and opinions about memes from critics and over all conclude what we have all been covering so far. Whether you are into movie memes, internet memes, memes you may find in a picture and or video they are going to entertain you. There are political memes, educational memes, social, and entertainment memes. All the different types grab your attention. For the most part memes are made to be funny like this meme below that I took from the  popular movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

The people who create these movie memes often seek to make fun of the movie, or the actors’ that play in them. They are made to be a joke and everyone enjoys looking at them. Some of these movie memes may say good things about the movie or actor, while others may make mockeries of them. We all read these and think ,what will the actors, movie producers, and or fans say about them? But most people do not take them seriousy. Memes are a form of entertainment and most of them are not made to be taken seriously.

The public can learn a lot and stay informed through memes. For instance, with political memes we see what issues the public is opposed or against. With educational memes we can see what is new and going on in the educational systems, and with social or entertainment memes we keep up with the new gosip, we can keep up with the new movies and which actors are getting which roles. Memes help keep people connected to the social, political, educational and entertainment worlds’.

Memes have become a new innovation in the internet world. Young people from ages 16-24 use them all the time, through text messages, video, and pictures. According to an Article I read, Assessing Global Diffusion with Web Memtics: The Spread of and Evolution of a Popular Joke, Memes are spreading globally. Memes are small units of culture, with which flow from person to person by copying or imitation. The author says that this method is demonstrated through one extensively circulated joke about men, women, and computers. Web memtics have demonstrated  its ability to identify the evoulution and spread of memes online. The article sums up to say that all memes, through text messages, video, and pictures are interpreted to the public differently. The different interprtations is what creates the global spread of these memes and therefore creating an evoulution of a popular joke.

There are those that deem crtics of the meme. Some people view them as evil, and see them as something where confrontation can be sparked. According to an article, Taking Dawkins Challenge, or The Dark Side of the Meme, a critic Richard Dawkins says that memes are evil. The article explains these three levels of where he believs confrontaion happens through memes. His frist level is this, the memes creates everyday selfishness and self-promotion. His second level is this, the memes contents affront present day morality. And lastly, his third level says this, memes have a coldness of the world view as we know it. Every technological innovation has it’s critics, while they critique and criticize the public is busy making them  the next world phenomenon.

Getting back into the movie memes, I want to share with you a perfect example of how different types of memes use eachother. Below is a video clip that deals with that ever most popular movie Twilight and the hit Sitcom Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In the clip you will see how the video uses the movie to create comedy. There are scenes from both the movie and the TV show. The clip is funny because it shows Edward ( the main character in Twilight and a Vampire) falling in love wiht Buffy ( the main character of her show and a Vampire slayer). If you have seen both the show and the movie you will understand while it is funny. But the key thing is to look how two different memes, a movie meme and a video meme use eachother to create entertainment.

For my last movie meme I want to give you a perfect example of the concepts that I have been talking about thus far. The meme talks about the movie Friday the 13th, and the issue between the two celebrities ,Kayne West and Taylor Smith that occured at the VMA award show. It is an example of how memes can spark criticism, and shows exactly how we find this sort of “joke” commical and entertaining. We do not take these memes seriously, but through them we are entertained, informed, and we just enjoy reading and looking at the. Here it is.


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