How We Use Meme’s To Represent Our Current Culture As A Society As Well As Through Entertainment (Brittney Birks)


(How memes serve, this topic includes how they are like world-wide inside jokes)

As culture changes, a persons views on how and what is used to represent culture changes as well. For example a women that cheated on her husband, or a man who got a divorce would be shunned from society. Offenders were even known to be forced to wear large red A’s on all of their clothing to symbolize that they were adulterers as well as reminding others and themselves of the horrible crime (shame the offenders). Men that divorced had a hard time getting jobs because they were viewed as failures. When men failed at their marriage they were considered weak and couldn’t be trusted to run or operate in the office. The humiliation of the divorce and the way that were shunned has evolved in today’s society. In todays culture we use memes to serve as a source/gateway to humiliation, retaliation, or just a massive world-wide joke as oppose to a big A on a shirt or a divorced spouse struggling to get a jobs. In this portion we will talk about how Memes are a representation of our current culture, trends and popularity. I will focus on entertainment, divorce, and obesity because they are consistently growing issues and topics in America.

Below is a Video containing memes that has become very famous over the years.

What’s hot! Reality TV.

The need for reality television is immense. There are a wide variety of shows that range from the everyday life of a midget to the life of a rich and famous heiress. Memes are used to create humor about certain snippets of film, whether it be a video clip, a picture or other types of technology used for entertainment. This shows diversity, growth, and innovation within persons around the world through their ability to connect and except other cultures around them through the use of memes. Everyone can find humor in a memes especially when they pertain to something that you specifically care about.
Memes help explain a wide variety of expression to what people are thinking in their head but don’t care to say out loud. For example the reality-hit television show Jersey Shore’s popularity has grown so big the cast members are internationally known. Other things that are going on in the world are just as important but the younger generations interest in reality television is greater. We use memes to bring attention to one’s interest and how shows can be a problem, or even the effect that watching these shows have on individuals. Below is a vedio clip meme of a little boy dancing at a basketball game. Due to the fact that it is a video clip the host verbally use their words to express the humor behind the clip. Also below is a picture meme where the artist is expressing their feelings about the show, “Keeping up With The Kardashians” by putting pigs butts in place of the Kardashians faces.

Divorce rate/Marriages#*^##!
America is known for having the highest divorce rate in the world. Some even ask why bother to get married when you have people like Kim Kardashian spending 10 million on a wedding and getting divorced 72 days later. Being that this was her second marriage and everything about it was so public made the outcome of the divorce so scandalous. There are plenty of Memes that capture both serious and comedic aspect of how the divorce rate in America is viewed. Being a Divorce nation has its perks right? We are a society that values money and are naturally greedy. As an American, there is nothing wrong with more. These memes give a representation of the phrase “The more the better!” claims, “The Americans for Divorce Reform estimates that possibly 50 percent of marriages will end in divorce if current trends continue by the year 2015.” Which is actually a projection. Findings on their website say that men and women from the ages of 20 to 24 have the highest percentage of divorce with an all time high of 38%. It could even be higher at this point with the new studies coming out for the year 2012.
Meme’s help to bring light to the effects of these issues. They make divorce a joke because it is such a problem. One of the memes below shows a little boy questioning divorce but on the contrary he looks excited because he will get two Christmases, one from his father and one from his mother but it also mocks the value of marriage and what americans value in america, wealth. There is another meme that depicts greed and wealth. Kobe Bryant is one of the higest paid NBA players and recently announced that he will divorce his wife! He has no prenuptial agreement so that means his soon to be ex-wife will be entitled to half of his net worth, plus more because of the length of their marriage and due to the fact that she has two kids by Kobe.

Obesity (in this topic memes are used to bring humor or information about obesity in America)

Meme’s are a representation of our current culture, trend, and popularity. They also serve as a world-wide inside joke. America is known as an obese nation. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than one-third of adults and one sixth of children in America are obese. If there were 30 children in a classroom about 5 to 6 children in that classroom would be obese. That is 6 too many. In comparision with if there were a college campus with 20 adults 4 out of 20 students would be obese.

Although america is followed by this stigma we also seem to have a double standard as to what is beautiful. Models are known for their small waist and long legs, but how does that fit into how they are represented in today’s society? The pressure for women to be and stay skinny rises but what is presented in the average everyday culture is a size 8. Memes can be used to show this disparity as well as the change in cultural views on weight. According to Joanna Douglas a senior editor for yahoo’s beauty and fashion article, “As many of you ladies probably know, boobs get bigger when you gain weight (and shrink when pounds are shed), so this increase in bra size is mostly because obesity continues to grow in this country.” Below is a Meme that represents the shift in favor of what body weight became excepted amongst society.

Due to the severity that obesity is having on our nation we would use meme’s to represent our feelings and attack methods. They also allow you to understand how others feel about large growing issues such as obesity. Below are pictures that go all different ways.
Now that we know the effects of obesity we can point out how some memes are used as retaliation. This meme could also translate into a growing issue for bullying. There has become a large forum to combat the issues of bullying and we could also uses memes to represent both sides of the story.


About Internet Memes

Hello class, my name is Doreace Walls and I am a Communications major concentrating in Public Relations. This is my third year attending Cal State, and before last quarter I had no interest in Public Relations what so ever. This is my first quarter taking any Public Relations courses and I enjoy them all very well so far. I am very new to blogging, and I must say I do not really enjoy it that much. When thinking about my "online identity" I would say that it is pretty slim to none. Although I do have and use Facebook, Twitter, IM, and email I am not an avid user and none of them tend to destract me from my studies, or have any impact on my personal life what so ever. I will say that the network that I am most on is Facebook, but most of my internet time is spent either for school purposes or searching for jobs and internships. 162694_170400206326959_100000709436058_408282_6063817_n.jpg (18.017 KB) My name is Brittney Birks. I am a 22 year old 4th year senior here at Cal State University. I plan to graduate in the spring of 2012 finally! It seems like it has taken me for ever to finish up my last bit of classes. I am majoring in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Communications. I chose communications as a concentration because I took a communications class by accident and fell in love with the aspects of the major. From then on out I knew that I was going to add communications into my degree somehow. After school I plan on staying at my current job with ArrowHead Credit Union as a teller 2 until I can find employment with an elementary school. I have a very limited online identity and I am hardly ever online, due to my crazy hectic schedule. I work two jobs. One is here on campus as a student mentor, which is part time. The other is (like mentioned before) with ArrowHead Credit Union as a full time teller. The only digital media networks that I engage in is Facebook, which I check about twice a week. I don't play any online games nore am I on any other social media networks. I guess I am a pretty dry person, but I am hoping to gain some kind of knowledge about the networks out there to offer from this class. 104_0176.JPG My name is LaTecia Yarbrough and I am a 3rd year communication major with an emphasis in Public Relations. I am 20 years old and one of the first in my family to go college. I also happen to love my school California State University of San Bernardino. I currently work for CSUSB housing and also live on campus as well. Something interesting about myself is I am the only child, I love the Lakers and the show house. To add to that, I can honestly say that I have never had a facebook account, but I do have a Twitter;%2

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