By LaTecia Yarbrough

In my post I will be explaining the uses of memes and why they are important to social media. I will show some of the ways people and businesses use memes. I will link how verbal and non-verbal plays a huge part in internet’s social media memes. Lastly, I demonstrate the importance of memes in social media.
Meme’s has increased our usage of non-verbal communication in internet’s social media. When using five important non-verbal behaviors: Kinesics, Physical Appearance, Artifacts, Environmental factor, and Silence. Each of these behaviors is used in worldwide media, and it has also enhance the interpersonal connectivity in cross-culture communication.

Kinesics refers to body position and body monition, including those of the face (Wood, 2008, page 100). In memes we use Kinesics to express emotion, about how we feel at the moment. They are also use it in several memes such as pictures, cartoons, and video so we can capture the moment. Second, Physical Appearance is how we look, including the culture meaning, values, and expectation associated with looks (Wood, 2008, page 101). The cool thing about memes is that you can express your culture, values, and it also allows you to play with people’s perception of yourself. Third, Artifacts which are personal objects we use to announce our identities and to personalize our environment (Wood, 2008, page 103). Memes play an enormous part, in a ways where you take pictures or shoot videos that share your cultural identities with the rest of the world. This also helps other cultures to understand our identities and environment, which they can find the relationship between the two cultures. Fourth, Environmental factors are element of settings that affect how we feel, think, and act (Wood, 2008, page 105). On social media like face book, depending on the environment factor. It will affect what memes you would use basic on your mood. Final, silence is lack of sound; it can be a powerful form of nonverbal communication (Wood, 2008, page 108). A meme that is used with no words can say a thousand words.
Wood, J.T., (2008). Communication Mosaics an Introduction to the field of communication
In the article “Collaborative, Capturing interpreting, and sharing of experiences” there goal was to make human and computer be better in interpersonal skills by using verbal/ non-verbal communicant. Having good communication skill takes you far. So learning about how memes works well in this situation, because it has become a worldwide fad. This will help and improve the human and computer interpersonal skill by understand social media finer. Digital multimedia use technologies, to capture and store interaction on a large scale, by using verbal and non-verbal communication. This is also something that meme does as well it captures and stores verbal and non-verbal communication. Memes has expanded the social media communication for not only entertainment, but for other things as well. Memes are used in video clips, images, music, and cartoon as a source of expression. Businesses have also used memes in advisement to increase sales by connecting to social media. People have also used memes to purpose to their significant other.
Sumi, Y., Ito, S., Matsuguchi, T. (2006).
Collababorative capturing, interpreting, and sharing of experiences. Spring-Verlag London,
11: 265-271. Doi 10.1007/s00779-006-0088-1
Meme Proposal | Tim * Audrey from Crazy Monkey Studio on Vimeo.

Meme Proposal | Tim * Audrey from Crazy Monkey Studio on Vimeo.

“Music to my eyes: Cross-modal interactions in the perception of emotion in musical performance” deals with memes. This article explains how we use music to express our emotion, and expressive it several words. The article discuses there are 19 different emotional quality that are used in a artist performance. When an artist uses these qualities and good non-verbal they become better performers. By using no-verbal and body moment is how they discovered how the emotion is portray through music. People have use memes to help better explain the message there trying to convey through their music. Memes have a very important role in today’s social media.
Vines, B. W., Krumhansl, C.L., Wanderley, M. M., (2010).
Musicto my eyes: Cross-modal interactions n the perception of emotion in musical performance.
Elsevier. 118 157-170 dio 10.1016/j.cognition.2010.11.010

In the article “Gesture-based mobile training of intercultural behavior” explains that verbal and non-verbal is not perfect. The article states that “the main reason for problem in intercultural communication.”(Rehm, 2011, page 1). Communication is different between an individualist culture and a collective culture. However in all communication we face problems with communicating across borders, but we may not understand what their culture, values, and morals. Memes have allowed cultures to take one meme and have mutable understanding. I believe memes have done a great job with allowing cultures to take one meme and put their own definition to it.

This picture can say a thousand of words, and you can interpreted it in many ways. This meme uses the non-verbal behavior silent.
Rehm, M., Liechten, K., (2011).
Gesture-based mobile training of intercultural behavior. Spring-Verlag London,
18:33-51 doi 10.107/s00530-011-0239-8
Why is memes important you say? Meme’s have helped enhance social memes communication in video, music, images, and cartoons. It has help for not only people like you and I but also businesses. This has help people who are not capable of doing face-to-face communication. Memes have not only helped in interpersonal communication but in cross-cultural communication. Memes have expanded the five non-verbal behaviors, by making it fun and entertaining. Just like face book is a way to relax and connect with friend, memes do just that. Check out memes and have one created just for you.


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