Hello class, my name is Doreace Walls and as you may have all assumed I am a Communications major concentrating in Public Relations. This is my third year attending Cal State, and before last quarter I had no interest in Public Relations what so ever. This is my first quarter taking any Public Relations courses and I enjoy them all very well so far.

When thinking about my “online identity” I would say that it is pretty slim to none. Although I do have and use Facebook, Twitter, IM, and email I am not an avid user and none of them tend to destract me from my studies, or have any impact on my personal life what so ever. I will say that the network that I am most on is Facebook, but most of my internet time is spent either for school purposes or searching for jobs and internships.

My name is Brittney Birks. I am a 22 year old 4th year senior here at Cal State University. I plan to graduate in the spring of 2012 finally! It seems like it has taken me for ever to finish up my last bit of classes. I am majoring in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Communications. I chose communications as a concentration because I took a communications class by accident and fell in love with the aspects of the major. From then on out I knew that I was going to add communications into my degree somehow. After school I plan on staying at my current job with ArrowHead Credit Union as a teller 2 until I can find employment with an elementary school.
I have a very limited online identity and I am hardly ever online, due to my crazy hectic schedule. I work two jobs. One is here on campus as a student mentor, which is part time. The other is (like mentioned before) with ArrowHead Credit Union as a full time teller. The only digital media networks that I engage in is Facebook, which I check about twice a week. I don’t play any online games nore am I on any other social media networks. I guess I am a pretty dry person, but I am hoping to gain some kind of knowledge about the networks out there to offer from this class.

My name is LaTecia Yarbrough and I am a 3rd year communication major with an emphasis in Public Relations. I am 20 years old and one of the first in my family to go college. I also happen to love my school California State University of San Bernardino. I currently work for CSUSB housing and also live on campus as well. Something interesting about myself is I am the only child, I love the Lakers and the show house. To add to that, I can honestly say that I have never had a facebook account, but I do have a Twitter; follow me @Tecia21. I enjoy texting only if the messages are short and straight-to-the-point. I have an email address as well, but I almost never check it. I love to listen to music so I tend to make playlists on youtube.

One thing I’d like to do is expand my knowledge of the news, because I am a person that doesn’t watch television nor read newspapers. I also would like to read more to help broaden my vocabulary. I hope this class could help me gain a better understanding of my major and enlighten me that I have made the right decision in making this my major. My last and most important goal is to get an A in this class.   

Hey guys, I’m Heather Bertram. I am a Junior and I just moved here from San Diego a couple months ago, so I am still adjusting to this crazy weather.  I am on the water polo team here at school and I play goalie. I love my teammates and all the people I have met here so far!  I just recently started watching basketball and I have yet to pick a favorite team…any suggestions? I am an only child and I am very close with my grandparents, my aunt and my many many many cousins. Oh, and believe it or not but I really love school.  🙂

I have a facebook as do most people nowadays but I don’t blog and I don’t have a twitter. I wouldn’t call myself an addict of any digital media though because honestly, I don’t have enough time for it. I love text messaging but I do believe that some things are better said over the phone.  
My name is Carmen Herrera and I’m a dual Mass Communications & Public Relations major with two minors in Film Studies and Political Science. I plan on either pursuing a career as a film journalist or political writer. Anything with journalism is my aspiration! I am a shift manager at Rubio’s Grill in Rancho Cucamonga where I live and also am a media technician at my church. I’m also on campus everyday hoping to graduate next Spring in 2013. I am also a huge movie buff and love to read and of course, like I said in the first day of class, love to go to Disneyland.

In terms of my “online identity,” I can honestly say that I’m not an avid user of digital media, and never really have or understood the gist of it. In other words, I won’t die if I forget my phone at my house. Though I have a Facebook, I actually do not use it, as I see it very distracting with schoolwork and other important aspects of life. If I ever get an important notification, I will check, but other than that, I’m not a big fan. I also don’t like online games or text a lot on my phone either. The only social media I use regularly is Twitter, and often check when I have a chance each day. I like that Twitter is simple, and doesn’t require a profile buildup or have games to distract you. I also like that I can keep up with important info (brief) from politicians, pastors, ministries or actors I follow.


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